Looking for a Publisher?

Indie Boards and Cards is looking for additional games to add to its line up. 

Indie Boards and Cards looks to publish a wide range of games that offer the hobby gaming market new and innovative themes, mechanics and concepts.

That being said there are some common characteristics of a game that we are most interested in, a successful small publisher game tends to be smaller, shorter and lighter than the overall gaming market.   We don't look at abstracts, wargames, 18xx, two player only, CCGs/LCGs though, it is just not our market space.

We prefer games that are not listed on BGG (yet!) and haven’t been web (PnP) published.

We only look at finished games – having all the rules, components, mechanisms, and functional art/graphic design completed - we will worry about the final art ourselves!  .  
I do want to make sure that you've already taken the game beyond the first steps of playtesting, and would look to get written feedback from at least five people who played your game “blindly”. 

If you are ready to submit your game Send us an email that describes the game including: number of players, playing time, theme, core mechanics, components and an external playtesting you've done already.   You should expect to hear back from us in a week, if we are interested then we will ask for a playtest rules first and then a prototype.  

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